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Acmega is Producer for food machinery machine and retort. We also distribute of food machinery from world wild.  Our mission is to continues to contribute to further development food and food processing industries and promise to provide the high quality and reasonable price including the supreme after sale services.









Sterilize process Which we cover Direct Stream and Water Sprey Retort




Rotary Retort


Sterilize process that need to be rotated





Automatic Conveyor system


Perfect choice for better efficiency and labour cost saving



AGV " Automatic Guide Vehicles


We provide both Semi-Automatic and Full Automatic AGV. Supporting of 4 way moving direction

(note also call "Shuttle")




Automatic Basket Loading & Unloading


We do both Semi-Automatic and Full Automatic function. The loading and unloading units can be combined enabling the automatic transfer of baskets and layer-pads. At infeed and outfeed, the basket transfer from / to retort can be done by automatic systems (shuttles or conveyors)



Automatic Pouch and Cup Loading


We do both Semi-Automatic and Full Automatic function




Drying & Cleaning


Remove the moisture and cleaing your products





provides automatic means for stacking cases of goods or products onto a pallet











Retort and Accessories






















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